At home with Smart Tech

Mark ShiptonTechnology

How homeowners can engage with smart home technology.

The rise of the smartphone and wireless technology has slowly turned even the most reluctant technology adopter into at least a basic user of consumer tech.

The next step is underway, in the form of smart home technology – which promises to make our home lives easier, more efficient and more secure.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use the easiest bits of home smart tech, including:

Smart thermostats: Brands such as Google owned Nest and Amazon have produced thermostats that learn when you are at home, how warm you like your house and allow you to individually heat your rooms.

Wireless cameras: While wired CCTV has been around for decades, big tech companies have made it cheaper, easier and smarter to use CCTV at home. Linking live to your phone and able to spot intruders and pets alike.

Smart plugs: With the rising cost of living, we have all become aware of those electrical devices that are using power when we don’t need them. Rather than unplug each electrical piece of kit, wifi enabled smart plugs can be a good investment. An initial layout of around £30-£50 could save you hundreds over just a few years.

Smart speakers: Having music playing throughout your home used to be available to those with deep pockets and money to spend. But the advent of fast, small computer chips and reliable wifi means you can stream your favourite music throughout your home at a relatively low cost.

Smart doorbells: Amazon’s ‘Ring’ brand doorbells are the runaway success in this market. Simple to install and entirely automated, smart doorbells can tell you when someone is at the door, as well as allow you to talk to visitors via your smartphone when you’re not at home.